Saturday, February 03, 2007

In Good Company

A couple of seasons ago on Aqua Teen I animated a scene of an unsuspecting Meatwad rotating in a microwave. (Hey, it completed the set... I had already animated the 360 turnarounds on Frylock and Master Shake the year before) Since he doesn't have any distinguishing features to speak of on his seldom-seen non-talking side ('cept seeds) I sculpted up a little Meatwad to provide myself some reference on the scene using some meat-colored Super-Sculpey. But I didn't rotoscope it --and if you watch the episode it's pretty obvious-- I just "eyeballed it" and drew the different positions directly from turning the model in measured-off increments. It turned out a lot cartoonier than it would have if it'd been a straight roto...but it still had some real solidity to it. Do I have a clip?, ...nope, but I DO have a pic of the Sculpey Microwave Meatwad hanging out with Gleep and Gloop from the Herculoids set on my bar. Just small talk. Nothing serious, I guarantee.