Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So... I've had this site up over a month and this is my second entry... dat's... swell. I have gotten a considerable amount of stuff posted on my ArgleBargle blog over next door, at least...
But here...I don't know. If I had a psychiatrist he'd probably say it just means that I'd ultimately rather endorse oddities or glorify accomplishments of others rather than toot my own tin horn.
Um, yeah, actually that does come a lot easier for me, for sure. It's a natural tendency.
Too much self-loathing, it would seem.
Uh-huh, I guess you could say...*...Okay, now wait justaminute!
Rather than psycho-analyze myself, I should just run this interview I did for KEYFRAMES the Atlanta-Asifa newsletter a couple of years ago (Aw crap, I just checked it and it's like four years old). It's got more info than I would probably reveal these days about the beginnings and history of Space Ghost Coast to Coast , the short-lived C2C comic book and the project I was (independently) working at the time The Hy Angst Show (I'll eventually get into that project on the ArgleBargle! blog). Jim Massara was the Keyframes editor for this, the very first issue and he conducted the interview at my studio. I will have more art-related posts up soon, but for now...Enjoy!


Blogger Julie said...

I was wondering what happened to Hy Angst. I was hoping for it to show up on AdultSwim at some point :P

12:23 PM  
Blogger C. Martin Croker said...

Thanks Julie, but I kinda doubt you'll ever see him there. The storytelling might be too linear for them and it'd be way expensive to produce compared to most of their shows. I may try to post the 3 minute trailer I did for the series a few years ago on You tube at some point (Since people keep asking me about both Hy and Donna the Dead) but I'd like to re-cut it a little first.
Just curious, had you ever heard of Hy Angst before you read this?

8:32 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

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11:57 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

I read the Keyframes interveiw a few years ago (maybe 1 or 2 years ago?), but other than that, no. It sounds like neat concept, it really reminded me of Midnight Macabre (which is dead now anyway, so whatever). I'm kinda disappointed with the direction AS has gone lately, but I'm more of a C2C fan myself. Old school, maybe? I dunno. Anyway, you should post the trailer if you get a chance, I'd love to see it! Also, I'm totally digging your other blog. It's really interesting.

12:09 AM  
Blogger Silvolf said...

Interesting interview! I enjoyed reading about the beginnings of Space Ghost Coast 2 Coast since I am a big fan. Also I have quite a few of the comics and I can see what you mean when you said you could tell different stories you couldn't on the show. I also enjoy the comics because they bring another aspect of life to the characters. My favourite character would have to be Zorak. I found it interesting reading about the original show. I haven't seen any of the 60s series. I didn't know Blip saved Space Ghost a lot!
Hy Angst looks cool. I want to be an animator and I like reading about peoples own projects. I have a few of my own I hope will one day go somewhere!

1:16 AM  
Blogger G.W.A. said...

11:27 AM  
Blogger G.W.A. said...

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5:34 PM  
Blogger C. Martin Croker said...

THanks for the comments, gang!
Jules-thanks as always for the positive reinforcement. One of my resolutions is to get YouTube figured out. Once I've had the time to do that then you'll probably see all kinds of junk I plan on posting.
Silvolf- Hope you've gotten the chance to see some original Space Ghost on Boomerang or someplace. Hopefully they'll release them all to DVD in the near future and you'll be able to pick them up at your local Best Buy or Wallmart. Thanks for the HY comment too. Aspects of that show are beginning to gain some life so we'll see where it goes. (Donna the Dead has her own MySpace page now)So hopefully you'll see him in full color at some point before the Apocalypse.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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