Friday, December 22, 2006

The face behind the Ghost

"A new post? Wow, I thought he forgot he even HAD this page!"
I guess that must seem true, at least. In actuality I just didn't realize how long it had been since I posted anything over here.
So here be a little Xmas post for ye... to make up for me long absence at this helm. Arrrr!
Some time ago, collector George Aldrich sent this scan to me off an original Alex Toth model sheet he owns. (He had actually shown me the original at last summer's DragonCon.) Here was a side of Space Ghost I had never seen (and George said the guy who had sold it to him had claimed that it was actually a "lost" model sheet of sorts and had NEVER BEEN PRINTED before). What makes this sheet unique is that it showcases the never-before-seen (on the original show at least) face of Space Ghost himself! Dig it.

My thanks and Holiday wishes go out to to George Aldrich, the Alex Toth family, the Joe Barbera family, Mike Lazzo & family, Keith Crofford & family, all my pals at Cartoon Network, Turner Studios, Williams Street, Primal Screen, and everyone who has visited or commented on this blog this year.
Happy Holidays, gang! I'll be adding a lot more to this site in 2007 so "stay tuned".