Wednesday, June 28, 2006


So... I've had this site up over a month and this is my second entry... dat's... swell. I have gotten a considerable amount of stuff posted on my ArgleBargle blog over next door, at least...
But here...I don't know. If I had a psychiatrist he'd probably say it just means that I'd ultimately rather endorse oddities or glorify accomplishments of others rather than toot my own tin horn.
Um, yeah, actually that does come a lot easier for me, for sure. It's a natural tendency.
Too much self-loathing, it would seem.
Uh-huh, I guess you could say...*...Okay, now wait justaminute!
Rather than psycho-analyze myself, I should just run this interview I did for KEYFRAMES the Atlanta-Asifa newsletter a couple of years ago (Aw crap, I just checked it and it's like four years old). It's got more info than I would probably reveal these days about the beginnings and history of Space Ghost Coast to Coast , the short-lived C2C comic book and the project I was (independently) working at the time The Hy Angst Show (I'll eventually get into that project on the ArgleBargle! blog). Jim Massara was the Keyframes editor for this, the very first issue and he conducted the interview at my studio. I will have more art-related posts up soon, but for now...Enjoy!